“ Bamboo” Brand Vermicelli

“ Bamboo” Brand Vermicelli is essentially produced from Mung bean as principal raw material. Another type of starch is used as a supplement to ensure that the “Bamboo” brand vermicelli is of suitable springiness and gives milder flavor when used in preparation of food that does not require long heating process. And to ensure that the vermicelli threads absorb ingredients in salad or fried dishes without become swelled or reduced to soft texture. At the present, the Bamboo Brand vermicelli is available in 2 descriptions of more exceptional quality than other brands:

• Rolled type vermicelli is similar in description to other types of vermicelli available in the market. Long threads in rolled pack type vermicelli comes in 3 different sizes, i.e., 500 gm, 80 gm, and 40 gm.

• Cut Type is of different description from other brands in the market. The thread is of suitable length as it is of pre-cut size. It is ready for cooking without the need for further cutting. The vermicelli of this nature is not always available in the market as it involves the use of high technology, thus the higher cost of production. But this type of vermicelli can better respond to the new life style. It is convenient and always ready for quick preparation by consumers. This Bamboo brand vermicelli comes in 3 different sizes: 500 gm, 200 gm, and 80 gm.

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