Production process

Before every bag or carton of the products of Sitthinan Co., Ltd., is made available to consumers, it will be subject to various stages according to the Company ' s standard meticulously.

To begin with the selection of raw materials of quality from Thai farmers at suitable price to ensure that mung bean farmers are making profit and they can produce mung bean to sell to the company on regular basis.

Raw materials of quality may not be converted into the product of quality if the production process is substandard or production personnel involved are lacking in relevant knowledge and ability. To ensure the production of products of good quality corresponding to the customer's needs, Sitthinan Company Limited, is therefore emphasizing the importance of improving the development of the process and human resources available on continual basis.

Although at present the company ' s range of products such as vermicelli, mung bean starch or tapioca starch are well-known and may stay the market for a long time, the Company is yet emphasizing the improvement of quality of its goods to meet the always changing needs of customers. The Company therefore earnestly places importance on research and development (R & D) to ensure that every bag, every package of its goods that has reached the hands of the customers is worth the money they have paid to us.