“Pine” Brand Mung Bean Starch

There are 2 kinds of Mung Bean Starch.One is Native Mung Bean Starch for producing vermicelli, and the other one is Physically Modified Mung Bean Starch ,known to the Thai people as “Salim Starch”,which is popular among consumers or shops for use in making “Thai desserts or Thai sweet vermicelli in coconut milk”. But, in fact, this type of starch is also suitable for use as ingredient for preparing several other kinds of foods, for instance, particularly sweets: Khanom Thien, Khanon Chaan, cookie, tarts, etc. This type of bean starch was later given a new name by Sitthinan Company Limited as “Mung Bean Starch” - [Paeng Thua Khiew] because essentially it is the starch that uses mung bean as raw material. And to avoid the misunderstanding that mung bean starch is used solely for making “sweet vermicelli in coconut milk.” Currently Sitthinan Company Limited produces mung bean starch under the “Pine” brand and the customer’s brand according to purchase order.

“Pine” brand Mung Bean Starch is made from 100 % of specially selected mung bean to obtain the starch of good quality for use as raw material in the preparation of a variety of dishes. At present, the company produces 2 types of mung bean starch with different uses as follows:

• Modified mung bean starch. This type of mung bean starch is available in general markets. It can be used readily as ingredient in preparing Thai and foreign sweets. Currently the company produces 3 types of this starch, i.e., 25 kg, 10 kg and 500 gm bag. Every mung bean starch bag is hermetically sealed. In particular, the 10 kg starch bag and 500 gm starch bag is packaged in 10 kg carton before distribution.

• Native mung bean starch. It is the starch that is used in the production of vermicelli or Bean Sheet vermicelli soup. Mostly, they are customers are from overseas, who place purchase orders for its use in processing foods in industrial plant or for retail sale to consumers as ingredient in a variety of dishes, particularly, the oriental foods. Basically the company produces the starch of 25 kg bag.

Mung Bean Starch
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