"Pine" Brand Tapioca Starch

In addition, Sitthinan Company Limited is also distributes tapioca starch product to its subsidiary, Siam Quality Starch Co., Ltd., under the Pine brand and Bamboo brand. The tapioca starch can be used for a variety of purposes, particularly, as ingredient for preparing food that requires condensed, thick and viscous quality such as the Rad-Nah, fish maw soup. Or it may be used for making sweets that are characterized by sticky, viscous and springy quality like that of BuaLoy, Krong Kraeng, etc.

Currently Sitthinan Company Limited distributes 2 brands of tapioca starch product namely, Pine Brand Tapioca Starch available in 400 gm hermetically sealed laminated bag and packaged in 10 kg carton; another is Bamboo Brand starch of 25 kg bag.

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Tapioca Starch