Ingredients (for 4 serving)
 Mung bean starch (Pine Brand)
1 cup
 Jasmine water with 2-3 5.5 cup
 Syrup (water : sugar = 2:3) 2 cup

Coconut Milk Topping Ingredients

 Coconut Milk
2.5 cup
 Rice Flour 0.5 cup
 Salt 0.25 cup
   How to prepare:
1. Mix mung bean starch (Pine Brand) with jasmine water until well then pass through sieve cloths.
Place over the medium heat, stirring constantly until cooked, bring syrup and stirring continuously until sticky and glossy texture is obtain, then pour to individual portion cup.
3. Coconut milk topping consist of the mix coconut milk, rice flour and salts, stir over medium heat until well then place into cone and press topping individual portion. (see above)