Pine Brand vermicelli soaked in
  hot water until tender
1 1/2 cups
  Fragrant mushroom 6 - 8 each
  Coriander 1 each
  Pepper 2 tea spoons
  Chinese liquor 1 table spoon
  Steamed chicken in thin strips 1/4 cup
  Sesame oil 2 tea spoons
  Sweet soybean sauce 2 tea spoons
  Soybean sauce 3 - 3 1/2 table spoons
  Broth 4-5 cups
  Thao Yai Mom Starch 2 table spoons
   How to prepare:
Add broth into the pot. Place the pan on the stove until it is boiling. Add fragrant mushroom and season with sweet soybean sauce, soybean sauce, sesame oil to get a good flavor. Dissolve Thao Yai Mom starch and pour into the broth to get a slight viscosity.
Soak Pine Brand vermicelli in hot water until it is tender. Add to the ingredients in Item 1. Stir to mix. Pour onto the plate and sprinkled with strips of boiled chicken, crushed pepper and coriander leaf. Serve while it is hot.
1. Some of you may prefer shark fin with raw bean sprouts. Then you can add raw bean sprouts as you wish.
2. For 5 servings