Ingredients ( for 4 servings )
 Glass noodle (Pine Brand), soak in water for 7 mins. 40 gm
 Bean sproutsi 60 gm
 Giant freshwater prawn, peeled and deveined 100 gm
 Firm tofu (yellow tofu), small cubed and fired 100 gm
 Sweet preserved daikon radish (Chi-po), chopped 10 gm
 Peanut, crushed and roasted 15 gm
 Chinese chieve (Gui-Chai), cut into 2 cm length 10 gm
 Dry small shrimp, fried chopped and fried 15 gm
 Vegetable oil 1 tbsp.
Seasoning sauce
 Syrup 37 gm
 Fish sauce 25 gm
 Tamarind juice, prepared from tamarind paste 44 gm
  Chinese liquor 1 table spoon
   How to prepare:
1. Bring the sauce portion to simmer gently for 2 minutes. Mixed thai onion and set aside.
Warm vegetable oil in pan. Add giant freshwater prawn, fried tofu and Chi-po and fried until cook done.
3. Bring soaked glass noodle (pine Brand) and chicken broth to fried until cook done. Add sauce portion and egg and fried.
4. Garnish with roasted peanut, dry small shrimp, Gui-Chai and bean sprouts.